This Site Is All about the Arts Crafts and Doing DIY

The Arts Crafts and DIY

This website is about the arts. This site was founded in 1998 by a girl, who felt that audio and the visual arts weren’t receiving the attention they deserved from the public. This website is the brainchild of Debra Dietrich. She believed that there needed to become an online clearinghouse for artists. This website is not only set up for artists but also for writers, painters, photographers and people that are into the visual arts.

This website is quite common. This might be due to the classes that are offered. If you’re looking for an image of a painting to hang on your wall, you can locate them. The photographic albums offer beautiful landscapes and abstract art. Music sites include bands that have put out CD’s on this tag.

There are several more things to do on this site apart from simply music. You will find links to other blogs and forums as well as contact info. The majority of the links are to the original sites where the material came from. Individuals using this website tend to be very fond of it. They feel that the features are extremely user friendly and this website provides precisely what a musician or a viewer would want to view.